Dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing allows retailers to take advantage of happy hour-, season sale-, peak- and end-of-season pricing. Maintenance and price updates can be performed remotely, saving countless work hours. The two-way radio enables effective and timely reporting while all price updates are automatically acknowledged. EllaFashion makes true omnichannel pricing easy.


Real-time inventory

Retailers can immediately see the true status of their inventory. The gathered inventory data can be used to adjust prices and reflect the status of their inventory, minimizing the amount of unsold items. By automating manual pricing tasks resources can be directed to more productive tasks such as serving customers better.


Integrated anti-theft

The EllaFashion system has a built-in anti-theft system. Additional equipment such as anti-theft gates or hand-held readers are available from reliable partners, or it can be integrated with your existing anti-theft system.


Intelligent fitting room to increase cross-sales and decrease shrinkage

Together with the EllaFashion labels, an intelligent EllaFittingRoom can be built up.

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Currency risks

Deliver products all over the world - set the currency later. EllaFashion label currency options cover 58 different currencies, for example €, £, kr, $ or ¥ can be shown as symbols. For the global retailers any currency can be shown in the labels with three letter symbols.

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